Talpur Mirs – An Introduction

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Mir Ali Nawaz “Naz” and Bali Love Story

A review of Mumtaz Bukhari's BBC program chronicling the love tale of Mir Ali Nawaz Naz and Bali Begum.

Drighbala-The Lost City of Mir Allahyar

Drighbala was the unparalleled Mankani Talpurs state that transformed Kalhoras from mystic to majestic power.

Mir Ali Nawaz Talpur Jr

Mir Ali Nawaz Talpur (Junior) belongs to Shahwani branch of the Talpurs. He is the son of Mushtaq Ali Talpur. He was born on 4th March 1971 at...

Khairpur Revisited – Education

A commentary of the video documentary that provides in-depth details on the measures taken by the Talpur Mirs for the advancement of education in Khairpur.

Who are Talpurs?

Who are Talpurs?

Sindhi Speaking Baloch Tribe

Talpur is a Sindhi-speaking Baloch tribe settled in Pakistan’s Sindh, Punjab, and Balochistan provinces. Their dynasty ruled Sindh or its parts until 1955.

The tribe founded the Talpur dynasty and ruled between 1783-1843. A branch of the dynasty ruled as the princely state of Khairpur until 1955.

The Talpur Baloch served as Kalhora dynasty tribal military leaders but, after the Kalhoras assassinated a Talpur ruler, took over the reins of government at the Halani Battle. In 1783 Talpur rule was established over Sindh, with His Highness Mir Fateh Ali Khan Talpur as the new Amir. It brought an end to the fierce fighting among the tribes with the defeat of the powerful Kalhora.