Khairpur Revisited – People Remember Good Times

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Khairpur Revisited – People Remember Good Times

In this episode of the video, Khairpur Revisited, Jam Saqi again points out that the wages of the workers were almost twice as high as those of the neighboring districts.

Dr. Tariq Qasmi said that he had formed an association of people who had migrated from Khairpur after annexation to Pakistan. When these people met at the Association ‘s meeting, they missed their Khairpur. He said that happy times are always remembered with nostalgia. The State of Khairpur has provided respect, freedom, and crime-free peaceful living. That’s why people still miss Talpur Mirs’ former Khairpur State.

Manzoor Hussain Pahnwar, retired Inspector General of Police, Sindh (Pakistan), said the days of good rulers were gone. “These rulers will never be born again,” he said.

Elderly Nazeer Hussain Abassi started weeping when asked to talk about the Khairpur State’s old days.

Journalist Mian Muhammad Azhar praised and spoke about the justice system during the times of Mir Ali Nawaz Naz.

Famous scholar, Dr. Nabi Bux Baloch, recalled that when he used to study at Aligarh University, the Khairpur State had the highest number of students sent for higher education on scholarship as compared to its neighboring states and districts. He said the state paid all the students’ expenses, not just that fees were exempted. He also talked about the State’s peace. Although the crime incidence in the neighboring districts was remarkably high, he said the people of the Khairpur state enjoyed a quiet, crime-free life.

Syed Alan Shah said the state government was very stringent in controlling the smuggling. All revenue produced as well as agricultural and industrial products were used for the welfare of their citizens within the state.

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Script and Production: Professor Dr. Muhammad Ali

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