Khairpur Revisited Review – Initial Story

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Khairpur Revisited Review – Initial Introduction

This is the embedded video documentary originally posted on YouTube. The video begins with informing about the Talpurs period. The video’s script tells that the Talpurs had three kingdoms in Sindh, but the combined Sindh was bigger at that time as now had some areas lost to Punjab and India. In 1843, the East India Company occupied Sindh and deprived Khairpur State of its vast areas too.

The East India Company not only reduced the Khairpur State areas but annexed the rest of the Sindh with Bombay and the Seraiki Kingdom to Punjab as well.

The video shows the 1935-36 Khairpur Lloyd Barrage Project documents and the Khairpur State Chief Minister, Mirza Mumtaz Hasan Kizilbash’s, budget speech delivered before the Legislative Assembly of the Khairpur State. The narrator states that they were attempting to interview those citizens who were not part of the royal ruling family but the commoners who had witnessed those days.

The narrator goes on to say, they wanted to know why people start crying and tears roll out of their eyes while discussing those days? The video then shows the interviewees explaining the significant difference they’ve experienced between the Khairpur before the One Unit and after it.

“I learned to swim in Khairpur’s Mir Wah before One Unit”, an interviewee, Taj Haider, says. Yet Khairpur itself went sinking after the One-Unit period.

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