Remembering the Battle of Dubbo

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Remembering the Battle of Dubbo – March 24, 1843

Photograph of the monument of the Battle of Dubbo, Hyderabad, Sindh
The monument of the Battle of Dubbo, Hyderabad, Sindh

Dauntless valiance and boundless patriotism of Sher-i-Sindh Mir Sher Muhammad Talpur and his Baloch forces turned the apparent defeat at Dubbo into the greatest victory of Sindh. After the conquest of Hyderabad on February 17th, 1843, it was this event which laid the foundations of the glorious incessant struggle of the peace-loving Sufi oriented Sindhis for the liberty of their rights and the freedom of their motherland.

At the end of the battle days, if British camps of Miani and Dubbo had witnessed the painful cries of dying Captain Richardson and Dimitrios; Mir Jan Muhammad Talpur, Mir Ghulam Shah Talpur, Mir Ismail Talpur and their thousands of their faithful soldiers like Hosh Muhammad Sheedi also took their last breaths. Before they went into rest in the laps of their motherland, each of them moved his bloodstained lips and pledged:

Sindh my mother, my beloved Jeejal!

On your call, I’ve sipped this martyrdom

Here I go to others’ World, but I’ll return from there,

After changing the directions of centuries, and after hoisting the flag of righteousness in heavens,

After changing the lead of time, I’ll return on your call.

Sindh my mother, my beloved Jeejal!

When darkness would cast its shadows, when cruelties would come to rule,

When nights prevailed over days, when lies overcame truths,

I’ll return then and will sacrifice my head again

Sindh my mother, my beloved Jeejal!

For your cause, I’ll counter curbs and cruelties,

Chanting slogans of sacrifice, I’ll return from there,

And will wane for virtuousness,

I’ll come back, defend and meet my martyrdom again and again,

If crucified, I’ll rise again,

But today I’m going to others’ World, just to return from there!


The dusk of March 24, 1843, was not the usual twilight. The western skies were full of conflagrations. The sun, sinking in the horizons, had already started to spill out blood tears. And under those red heavens, the soil’s brave sons irrigated their motherland with their blood! The ambiance was as grim and as still as death! The sun sets every day but it was never as dark and mournful as it was on the fateful day. The evening came and with that came the divine call for the soul of martyrs to embark on their journey into eternity!

The heavens and angels gaped at Dubbo’s arena astoundingly! The combat between Life and Death, which ensued in the afternoon, consummated by the twilight. And Sindh went into the slumber and silence, as quiet as that of Makli! Mir Jan Muhammad Talpur was true. He raised the slogan, ‘Mar waysun par Sindh na ddaysun’. They died but did not ‘give’ Sindh. Napier only got it when they were martyred.

Since the fateful day, Sindh, incessantly struggling to undo its subjugation, has been calling upon Sher-i-Sindh and Shuhada-i-Sindh to fulfill their promise and to resurrect like the Phoenix in the hearts of every Sindhi. We need to imbibe their spirit in our hearts to bring life to our silent slumbering Sindh! Let us remember the 24th of March every year as the National Day of our beloved Sindh.

Note: Parts of the above writing (especially the poetry portions) have been taken from the Sindhi article written by Amar Jalil. All credits should go to him, and all errors of omission, commission, translation, etc. are mine.

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