Sindh Heritage

The founder of modern Karachi - Harchandrai Vishandas

Seth Harchandrai Vishandas – The Founder of Modern Karachi

Seth Harchandrai Vishandas, the founder of modern Karachi, Sindh. When, in 1888, Seth Harchandrai was elected to the Karachi Municipality, ...
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Drighbala image

Drighbala-The Lost City of Mir Allahyar

Table of Contents Sindh has numerous historical places that were once at the height of their magnificence and glory. These ...
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decorative image for Khairpur State Education blog post

Khairpur Revisited – Education

What do People think About Khairpur State's Education System? A Review of a Documentary Views of people from various walks ...
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Ranikot Fort Watercolor graphic image

Ranikot – The Talismanic Great Wall of Sindh

Ranikot exemplifies Sindh's most talismanic wonder. Seen from five kilometers away twisting its massive undulating walls and dipping over the ...
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Banner: Social Conditions During Talpur Period

Social Conditions during Talpur Period

Social Conditions during Talpur Period - as wrote by Rahimdad Khan Molai Sheedai, the in his book 'Janatul Sindh' ٽالپرن ...
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Treasures of Talpurs. Banner Image

Courting Splendor

Treasures of the Talpurs: Collections from the Courts of Sindh By Zohra Yusuf The inaugural exhibition of the recently restored ...
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