Mir Mashooq Ali Talpur

Mir Mashooq Ali Talpur of Tando Muhammad Khan belongs to Shahwani branch of Talpurs.

He is the son of late Mir Ali Nawaz Talpur Sr, ex- Sindh and West Pakistan Minister. He is nephew and son in law of late Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur, ex Federal and Provincial Minister and Sindh Assembly Speaker. He was born in Karachi on April 5, 1955. His father late Mir Ali Nawaz Talpur was a minister in Pirzada Sattar’s cabinet and again in Nawab Muzzafar Qazalbash cabinet, he was also MLA (Member Legislative Assembly) from Sindh. His father was the second son of his grandfather Mir Bande Ali Talpur of Tando Muhammad Khan. His uncle Late Mir Ghulam Ali Talpur remained an important Minister in many federal and provincial governments from 1940 to 1957. He was the only sitting Speaker of Sindh Assembly to be jailed by Mr. Ayub Khuhro for opposing the One unit bill.

Mir Mashooq Ali Talpur studied at Karachi at the Jack M Jill school and Spring Field school and then did his matriculation from Himayat ul Islam school Hyderabad, and was very bright student always took 1st or 2nd rank in his examinations, later on, he got admission on merit at Liaquat Medical College (now university) and studied there for two years but could not carry on his further education there. He did graduation in Political science and did Master’s in International Relations from the University of Sindh. He is married and has two children – a boy Mir Mehdi Raza Talpur and daughter. He has widely traveled in Europe, North America, and the Middle East as well as the Far East.

Besides agriculture farming, he has love and passion for reading and writing. Some of his articles have been published in newspapers. He also happened to be a journalist when he did write for (The News”) newspaper. He has a deep interest in literature and fine art, has a keen interest in computers, and has wide knowledge about political and historical movements in the history of the world. He has great admiration for world leaders such as Sir Winston Churchill. Gen De Gaulle, Cha Gavera, Mao Tse Tung. He has visited religious places, serving the poor and needy – preserving family dignity and honor.

He is a good orator and has good command over spoken and written Sindhi, English, and Urdu. They are six brothers and three sisters.

His grandfather from the mother side Mir Ghulam Shah Talpur fought and attained Shahadat (martyrdom) at the famous battle of Miani (1843). Mir Allah Bux Talpur Shahwani was an honorary judge of British Raj. He was given the title of “Honorable” Mir Allah Bux Khan Talpur he was the grandfather of his mother.

Family Tree

Sons of Mir Ali Nawaz Talpur Sr are:

  • Mir Mushtaq Ali Talpur born 1948 one son
  • Mir Ghulamullah Talpur born 1954 two sons
  • Mir Ashiq Ali Talpur born 1955 one son
  • Mir Mashooq Ali Talpur born 1955 one son
  • Mir Shoukat Ali Talpur born 1956 one son
  • Mir Jawed Ali Talpur born 1961 two sons