Mir Bandeh Ali Khan Talpur

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Photograph of Mir Bandeh Ali Khan Talpur
Mir Bandeh Ali Khan Talpur

Mir Bandeh Ali Khan Talpur (Mir Bandehali Khan Talpur), M.L.A., Jaghirdar, and Zamindar, was a descendant of the illustrious Talpur family. He received his education in London for four years, after which he visited Europe and returned to Sindh after visiting many cities in Europe and Asia.

For about ten years, he served as a Special Magistrate and was the President of the Hyderabad Sindh District Local Board. As President of the Hyderabad District Local Board, he had a lot of accomplishments.

In 1930, he was elected to the Bombay Legislative Council and served on the Sindh Separation Committee. He was returned to the Sindh Legislative Assembly after the Sindh Separation and served as a Minister in the first Sir Ghulam Hussain Cabinet and then the Allah Bux Cabinet.

He formed his own Cabinet after Allah Bux’s Ministry fell apart, and he became Sindh’s Premier. After the Sukkur riots, he restored law and order, and he successfully resolved the Manzalgah issue to the satisfaction of both Hindus and Muslims.

He was the leader of the Talpur Mirs, a well-known Baloch tribe. He was Sindh’s youngest Minister, and he stayed in that position for quite a long time. He was well-liked by both Hindus and Muslims in Sindh, and he was well-respected.

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